I make people take much more seriously.


Chris Jericho appeared on SiriusXM's Busted Open Radio to talk about his new contract with All Elite Wrestling. In it, he discussed his impact on the great rise of New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 2018 and explained why he could do the same with the AEW. He described the move as similar to when Hulk Hogan left WWF for WCW.

About how it impacted the NJPW business:

I think I was the part of the puzzle they definitely needed right now because what I do for this company is the same thing I did for New Japan last year. Now, I will not say that it is 100% my job that took New Japan to [selling out Madison Square Garden]but it's a big reason. The new Japan became very hot last year with many people who have never attended before. Many executives and fans who have never watched before [became fans] because they checked out last year at Tokyo Dome. They may have heard of this New Japan, they may have known some of the guys who were in it, but they were not really paying attention to that. So, when Jericho shows up there, it's like, "Oh my God, Chris Jericho is there? Well, let me check that out," and then they watch the show and see, "Oh my God, you know, Jericho is great, but look, Kenny and we have Okada and Tanahashi and The Young Bucks and Cody are there now and Ibushi is there.

Why it will do the same with the AEW:

I think it's the same with [AEW] and have a legal legend. The legendary guy, Chris Jericho, is there and still super relevant, and people were saying, "The best free agent in the business." I do not think anyone else could have gone there with the same kind of effect. . If you brought a Hulk Hogan there, people would be like, "Oh, this is just a retread." Or if you brought Goldberg there, it's like, "Well, OK, we have not seen him in a while. Maybe it's a money thing. "But with Jericho, everyone was waiting to see where he was going. I think most people would say, "Yeah, he'll talk to other places, but he'll probably end up in WWE." When I did not, it's actually a modern version of Hulk Hogan in 1994 appearing in WCW, but it's a much cooler, more contemporary version of that sort of name because I have done nothing but once again rebuilding my brand and doing people imagine what Jericho is going to do in 2019. So when I showed it at the press conference, now everyone knows, and I think people take AEW much more seriously than before I was involved.

Listen to the full clip below:

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