Unlike previous reports, Cardi B stated that her last meeting with the Offset in Puerto Rico was not the result of any reconciliation, but rather a transactional interaction when she and her ex were photographed on a jet ski in the Caribbean nation. On Saturday, Cardi took to Instagram to clear the air and give the story behind the photogrpah.

According to rapper "Money," the jet ski instructor cheated on Cadri to let him take his picture

"Let me tell you something about the jet-black, right?" She says in the video. "The instructor or whatever he is – he was taking pictures of us on his phone like," Oh, I'm going to send those pictures so you can have a memory and I'll delete it. " & # 39; Ah okay.

"This son of a bitch sold the photos […] What kind of professional shit is that?

She continues to hold a copy of the company brochure, upside down, and warns people online to stay away from the company. Before the end of the clip, someone seems to ask Cardi why she was with her estranged husband, and the answer is quite simple: "I just needed to fuck me.