I just heard the end of someone's life: Man dies after being shot in a fight with the Winnipeg police


Winnipeg police said a man died after a fight and a police shootout in the West End town on Friday.

Around 7:50 pm police said they had found a man near Sargent Avenue and Maryland Street, who was acting suspiciously.

The man fled from that area and the police made contact with him again in a vacant lot nearby. The man pulled out a gun and police shot him, according to a statement from the Winnipeg Police Service.

He received medical treatment and was rushed to hospital critically, where he later died, police said.

An evidence marker remains outside a building on Sherbrooke Street on Saturday morning after a police shootout in the West End on Friday night. (Alana Cole / CBC)

By noon on Saturday, traffic was still blocked on a stretch of Sherbrook Street between Ellice and Sargent avenues, while police continued to investigate.

Neighbor heard shots while preparing dinner.

Damian Peck, who lives half a block from the area, says he heard the shooting happen.

"I was just enjoying my night, Friday night, just making dinner. Suddenly you could hear some loud bursts, I thought they were fireworks, but they were consecutive, six shots," Peck said.

Damian Peck, who lives in the area near Sargent Avenue and Maryland Street, says he heard the shooting happen. (Alana Cole / CBC)

Peck said he heard the shots all at once. He started looking out the window and heard sirens, but he did not know what was happening.

"It's kind of scary, you just heard the end of someone's life," Peck said.

& # 39; A tragedy for everyone involved & # 39;

The Manitoba Independent Investigation Unit said it was investigating the death of the 26-year-old man.

In a news release on Saturday, the police watchdog said investigators were immediately sent to the shooting scene.

The investigating unit is asking witnesses and anyone with information or video footage to help in their investigation to contact them.

Const. Jay Murray said police use lethal force when they fear serious bodily harm, or that someone can be killed.

"This is a situation you expect to never have to get involved in. I think most officers expect them to go their entire career without having to use lethal force," Murray said.

Police were on the scene in a blockaded area on Sherbrook Street on Saturday after a man was shot and killed by Winnipeg police on Friday night. (Walther Bernal / CBC)

"It's a tragedy for everyone involved, not just the officers who were forced to use lethal force, but also the family of the man who also lost his life yesterday," he said.

He was a good-hearted boy & # 39;

Family members have identified the man who was shot as Chad Williams, 26.

His father, Jonathan Williams, said that Chad lived with him in Garden City and was probably on the West End Friday to visit friends. He does not think his son would be armed.

"He was a good-hearted kid … very smart, brilliant," Williams, 47, told CBC News on Saturday night.

"He would take off his jacket if someone was cold and he would come home shirtless. That's the kind of heart he had."

Williams said Chad, the father of two children, was in the process of changing his life. He was in jail and struggled with addiction, but he gave up on drugs and was about to begin carpentry apprenticeship, Williams said.

The family identified Chad Williams, 26, as the man shot and killed by the Winnipeg police in the West End on Friday. (Photo sent by family)

Chad had nine brothers and sisters, and Williams said the family is doing the best it can while dealing with the pain.

He said that's what they do.

The family was left homeless when the fire struck Flora Avenue in January 2011.

"We creep back like a family," he said. "And now a part of this family is gone."

Friday's incident was the second shooting involving an officer within a 48-hour period for the Winnipeg police.

On Wednesday night, police opened fire on a car at the intersection of Panet Road and Nairn Avenue after they said the driver hit the police barricade. A 23-year-old man was shot and released from the hospital.


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