Hymn Pillage Inscription Patch Notes


THE Hymn The update will change the way Registrations work on end-of-game equipment, starting with a future patch.

In a post in the Hymn subreddit, chief producer Ben Irving detailed some of the changes received in the Inscriptions – small but important, bonus effects added to each weapon or piece of equipment (such as a percentage bonus for all assault rifles or increased flight time).

To make the task easier, all Entries will soon be adapted to the weapon or piece of equipment they are in. "Each item type now has a specific set of subscription options for each of its subscription pools. The pools are smaller and are targeted to the specific item type, "said Irving.

To further reduce frustration when grinding these items, green and white rarity items will no longer appear for Level 30 Javelins. Master work items will also be easier to create, taking only 15 masterpieces below 25.

With a smaller drop pool after removing white and green items and a set of more accurate Inscriptions, better items should be easier to find for hardcore Hymn players. And when luck is not on your side, new creative changes should provide an easier way to build a weapon or an ideal outfit.

These changes apply only to pieces of service won after the patch, not those already owned by the players. BioWare is not clear when exactly the patch will go live; Irving said players should expect them to arrive today, February 28, or March 1.


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