Huge fireball Geminid meteor shower caught in the police dashcam


This week brought a treat for astronomy enthusiasts: the Geminid meteor shower. The shooting stars were visible last night in areas where the sky was clear, and now the content is beginning to appear. Between the images and videos is a clip with a large ball of green fire crossing the sky by a police dashboard.

The fireball was spotted in Indiana, where the Sheriff's Department of Howard County. Chris Cramer was on patrol. As he drove down the street late at night, the dash recorded a large ball of green fire appearing in the sky, growing before reaching the peak and then disappearing from sight.

The filming of the dashcam was shared by the Sheriff's Department on Facebook last night, giving the public one of the clearest videos of a fireball in months. According to the post, the celestial event was captured on the SR-22 near 600 E.

This is the latest growing number of fireballs – many of which are a total surprise – captured by security cameras and dashboards. Last July, for example, a meteor was captured on multiple cameras in 10 Midwestern US states, including a security camera located on a farm.

Prior to that, in June, NASA revealed that a small 6-foot asteroid called LA 2018 had passed into the atmosphere near Botswana, where it was captured on camera like a huge fireball passing on the horizon. The space agency estimates that the small asteroid was traveling at about 38,000 km / h when it hit the planet's atmosphere.


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