Huawei CFO trapped at YVR seems to have family ties to Vancouver


Westside Vancouver house owned by Xiaozong Liu. Liu is reported as being the husband of Wanzhou Meng, a Huawei executive arrested in Vancouver on December 1 at the request of US authorities.

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The family of Huawei's chief financial officer, Wanzhou Meng, appears to have connections to at least two expensive Vancouver residences, including one in the Shaughnessy neighborhood, according to property records.

Meng, who is also known as Sabrina, was arrested by the Canadian police while flying at Vancouver International Airport on Dec. 1 for a warrant issued under the Extradition Act at the request of US authorities.

She is expected to appear at B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Friday morning for a continuation of her bail hearing.

Crown prosecutors have refused to say why Meng is being sought for extradition, but the Wall Street Journal reported that it is related to alleged violations of US trade sanctions, which Reuters reported were sanctions against Iran.

The houses of Vancouver, one on Matthews Avenue. in Shaughnessy, the other on West 28th Avenue in Dunbar, are registered to Xiaozong Liu – according to B.C. Property registration records – the same name as Meng's husband, identified in the Chinese media.

No one answered the door when the Postmedia News visited Dunbar's house on Thursday afternoon, but neighborhood residents said they recognized Meng by media reports, although they did not want to talk about the record.

The backyard of the executive-style two-story house on 28th Avenue is well maintained with decorative miniature garden furniture in front.

Shutters were closed and curtains were drawn and a security camera monitored the front door.

Meng, 46, is vice president of Huawei Technologies, one of China's telecommunications giants and a family-owned company founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, a former military engineer.

Chinese companies are often family businesses and family members seize the best places if they are qualified and interested, said Neil Abramson, a retired professor of business strategy at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University.

"She is the president's daughter, so she would be like Ivanka Trump. She would be Ivanka Trump of Huawei, "Abramson said, adding that Huawei is like the" Apple of China "and that Meng is an extremely important business person.

"It would be like arresting someone like Bill Gates or some senior American employee."

Bloomberg News reported that Meng's marital status was unclear, but in 2013 she denied in another media report that she was married to Huawei board member and strategic marketing director Xu Wenwei.

The site Best China News refers to Meng appearing at a school birthday ceremony with her husband, Xiaozong Liu.

Meng rose through the ranks of the company through hard work rather than privilege, said Wenran Jiang, a senior research fellow at the Asian Research Institute at the University of British Columbia.

"She was, in fact, at one point criticized by her father and being suppressed from the promotion. That was a well-known story and she eventually proved herself and put herself in the ranks, "he said.

His biography on the company's website says Meng joined Huawei in 1993 and held various positions throughout the company, including director of international accounting and CFO of Huawei Hong Kong. She holds a master's degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

For a period of time, she was responsible for Huawei's internationalization efforts, which were extremely successful, Jiang said.

List of Liu property documents as homeowner on 28th Avenue in Vancouver since 2009 when the house was purchased for $ 2.7 million. The records also show that Liu has owned the Matthews Avenue property since 2016 when it was purchased for $ 15 million.

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