How to watch the spectacular meteor shower Geminids


Gemini meteor shower is one of the most spectacular light shows of the year.

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Geminids are visible every December when Earth passes a massive trail of dusty debris from a rocky object called 3200 Phaethon, long believed to be an extinct asteroid or comet. The remains of particles burn when they hit Earth's atmosphere, resulting in a celestial display of shooting stars.

The celestial spectacle peaks in the early morning hours of December 13 and 14.

The best viewing time is around 2 in the morning and no special equipment is required to see the show, but the darker the viewing area, the better with the least possible light pollution, and the clear skies are required. Also give your eyes about 30 minutes to adjust to the darkness and make sure you are looking up.

Dark skies are the most important aspect to see the Geminids or any meteor shower for that matter.

Geminids are visible all over the world, but the best viewing areas are in the Northern Hemisphere, far from the city lights.

The Geminids first appeared in the early 19th century, shortly before the US Civil War, according to NASA.


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