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How to Fix Daily Tasks in & # 39; Harry Potter: Unite Wizards & # 39;

Screenshot: David Murphy

Even if it's a little time, I've been using the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game (iOS, Android) as a great excuse to go out and walk more. I kind of need it, since there is a daily achievement that you can only unlock if you have walked your way through your neighborhood 0.25 miles away.

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I did it the other day – and I used potions and collected basics, stopped at inns, all the other things you need to do to finish the day's achievements and collect that sweet eight gold reward. Imagine my surprise when I picked up the "Daily Assignments" crawler to find out that all my hard work was for nothing; did not record anything.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or just some stupid implementation of daily achievements, but I have read a few reports of other wizards complaining about the same thing. As it turns out, the game does not follow what you're doing until you open "Daily Assignments" every day. This is very different from most games with a daily search / unlock system, which simply logs your progress every time you play the game.

Although the daily rewards of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are more valuable than the daily chores, I know I would be annoyed if I lost my precious rare ingredients (and hours) by brewing a potion, just to not tell. We expect Niantic to fix this peculiar implementation in a future upgrade.

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