Hot swap as Martin takes the stand at Muskrat Falls Inquiry


Nalcor's former CEO says it is "critical" for him to have a central management team that can reach the performance threshold.

Ed Martin took the position in the Muskrat Falls survey this morning, defending his choices for the central project management team at Muskrat Falls.

Commission co-chair Kate O & # 39; Brien questioned Martin about how the central management team of Gilbert Bennett, Paul Harrington, Ron Power, Lance Clarke and Jason King were chosen.

All were handpicked by Martin, without a competitive hiring process, and none of the team's top managers had previous experience in water megaprojects.

Martin defended his justification for choosing the lead management team.

He says he had experience with Paul Harrington and says he personally selected him to help them take off. He told the Inquiry that it is important to recruit people you have a relationship with, to know how they operate, to have history and who can "kick their feet."

He seemed at times hostile in the bleachers this morning, prompting Commissioner Leblanc to intervene. Counselor Kate O'Brien was asking Martin about the communication protocol when it came to items that would affect Nalcor's business or shareholder interests.

Martin began to review the case involving the board, but the commissioner asked Martin to respond directly to the question, indicating that there would be plenty of time to examine the case in detail. Martin replied, "Let's do something else. I'll do it another way, because that way is not working for you."


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