Hacker makes flawless trap and attacks pack robbers


[Mark Rober] was fed up with missing packages. He kept getting notifications that his shipments had been delivered, but when he checked his porch, he found nothing there. Reviewing the footage of the CCTV, it revealed random passers-by who moved to their porch and stole their orders. It was time to fight back. More than six months, [Mark] and his friends designed meticulously, created prototypes and replicated the perfect trap for package thieves, resulting in a small drive disguised as an Apple HomePod. The whole scheme is wonderfully super-engineered and we loved it.

The main feature of the device is a rotating cup at the top, which contains a large amount of brightness. When activated, eject glitter in all directions. You could say that it is harmless as it is just glitter. But again, glitter has a way of staying with you for the rest of your life – appearing in the least expected times. This certainly leaves an emotional impression.

Activation is pretty smart; the fake pack stays on the porch until an accelerometer detects movement. At that point, the GPS checks if the package has traveled outside a fence around [Mark]One sign house is sent to the four smartphones to start recording – yes, that's right, there are 4 phones inside, one on each side to capture the thief's reaction.

How can you [Mark] to be so sure he will be able to retrieve the four phones and their footage? This is answered by GPS tracking and a fart spray can driven by a 3D print cam and a DC motor, ensuring the thief does not want this package for long. This actuator and the glitter motor are controlled by a custom PCB which also powers the phones to start recording through the headphone jacks and detects the opening of the package with some microswitches. This is truly a masterpiece that overcomes pack robbers in a way that leaves an impression while still being playful.

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