Group calls on Duo are now live for everyone


Duo – Allo's flawed yin yin in Google's messaging strategy of a few years ago – not only has amassed a wide audience of users in the last two years; also managed to keep them close. Apple's iMessage and Facetime still dominate the US landscape and Allo failed to be fully deactivated, but the Duo has emerged as a popular and useful cross-platform video messenger even when lack of an important resource: group calls.

In recent weeks, Google has slowly launched the group call feature and, as of yesterday, made available to Android and iOS users. This makes it very clear that the Web client (which is the best version for Chromebook users) is not on this list, but I bet it will not be long until that happens too.

The whole thing works exactly as you expected and to make a group call, you simply need select "create group", select the contacts and start the call. An interesting feature is the fact that these groups stay around after the call is made and stay with your frequent contacts for quick and quick calls with a touch in the future.

Calls are limited to 8 participants and simply split the screen more and more as additional callers join the group. I personally prefer the Hangouts method of showing the person speaking in full screen while showing everyone else in the room in a small window at the bottom or side, but maybe this is a resource for the future. For now, this is a great way to call some people at the same time if you want to video chat.

When the web client is updated with this feature, we keep everyone updated.


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