Gray's Anatomy Network, ABC, has a major update on the future of the series after the 16th season


Gray Sloan Memorial will be fully operational Gray's Anatomy at least until the spring of 2020 – but what exactly happens from there?

ABC is guaranteed to have the show on air for at least one more season because of last year's two seasons renovation, but there has been a lot of talk that season 16 could be the end.

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After all, both Ellen Pompeo and Shonda Rhimes have Gray is nearing the end of its execution.

Ellen Pompeo, Meredith Gray, Gray's Anatomy

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Apparently, however, the network is not feeling so pessimistic about the future of Gray's Anatomy. Network president Karey Burke said Deadline in the TCAs on Tuesday (February 5) she is hopeful that the series will be back for season 17 in the fall of 2020, and maybe even future seasons!

"The show was picked up for two seasons last season so we have another season to go and I'm sure we'll be planning more," she joked.

"We are excited about De Gray performance; I was visiting the set earlier this week. I believe the status is that we are in talks about the continuation of the show. "

Burke's positivity seems to echo a sudden turnaround of Ellen Pompeo, who is now minimizing the claim that she would like to explore new roles.

Ellen Pompeo, Meredith Gray, Gray's Anatomy

Getty ImagesABC

"It's a great place to work," she said. "I like my situation here.

"As much as the idea of ​​something new attracts me … the truth is that I have three children. I do not really want to travel and leave [them]. I do not want to be a circus traveler and live in hotels.

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"And the network and the studio continue to encourage me and only make offers that I can not refuse."

We look forward to seeing Meredith's farewell party in Gray's Anatomy season 39 one day!

Gray's Anatomy continues on Thursdays at ABC in the USA. It airs on Sky Witness and NOW TV in the United Kingdom.

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