Government remembers Legislature to attend strike warning of Union of Energy Workers


(Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo Inc. / jirsak)

The Ford government has announced that it intends to remind the Legislature to introduce legislation back to work to ensure that Ontario Energy Generation (OPG) workers remain at work.

OPG received a strike notification from the Energy Workers' Union (PWU) on Friday, which immediately initiates a 21-day shutdown of OPG's nuclear reactors at Darlington and Pickering, as well as the possible closures of OPG's 66 hydroelectric power stations .

PWU represents approximately 6,000 OPG employees. The previous collective agreement expired on March 31, 2018.

Negotiations between the two sides began in January and an interim agreement was reached on June 4. However, the PWU members rejected the offer. Negotiations continued and another vote on the same offer was made this month, which was refused again.

As a result, the Ontario government announced that it would remember the Legislature.

"Given the uncertainty created by the impasse between the Ontario Power Generation and the Energy Workers' Union, it is the government's intention to reconvene the 42nd Parliament at 1 pm. on Monday, December 17, to introduce legislation to ensure that energy workers remain at work, "Ontario House Leader Todd Smith said in a statement.

OPG produces approximately half of the electricity in Ontario.


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