Google responds to former Microsoft Edge trainee with bug complaint


Although we previously informed about a former Microsoft Edge developer who claimed that the move from the company to Chromium was partially motivated by the development of Google's browser break, we are now at a point where we can clarify a few things.

First, the developer is now known to have been a trainee in Microsoft's Edge development team and has been speculative in his claim, instead of being part of the development path decisions, and two thanks to a Google response to The Verge, we are now On a par with the real reason, YouTube has worked poorly on Edge.

According to a recent response from a YouTube spokesman in direct relation to the claims of the Microsoft trainee,

"YouTube does not add codes created to prevent optimizations in other browsers, and it works quickly to correct errors when they are discovered. We engage regularly with other browser vendors through standards bodies, the Web Platform Testing project, the open source Chromium project, and more to improve browser interoperability. "

While YouTube's response should bow to this topic, it remains the fact that Mozilla and Edge developers had to revert to scripts to improve their browsing experience with YouTube videos, and there was no comment from any of the companies about whether the problem has been resolved.

For its part, Microsoft's Edge team has been relatively quiet about it and is keeping away from the former trainee's allegations with his recent remarks to The Verge, "Google has been a helpful partner and we look forward to the journey as we work the future of Microsoft Edge. "

Microsoft's rather friendly response may be signaling its ambivalence over the old development of EdgeHTML and its focus on its new future based on Chromium.

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