Sunday , February 28 2021

Ghost Resident Evil 2 Survivors Remake DLC releasing for free in February

The highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 2 has already come out, and has garnered much acclaim from critics and fans. Before its release, Capcom announced that new content will be on the way for free, and is coming soon. The publisher has now confirmed that DLC of the Ghost Survivors will be released on February 15

Ghost Survivors gives players the chance to experience the game from three new perspectives. According to Capcom, the mode will "explore" and become "stories of three unhappy souls who have never managed to leave Raccoon City." In No Time to Mourn, players will be cast as weapons owners; in Runaway, they will play as the mayor's daughter; and the Forgotten Soldier puts them in the soldier's boots.

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Resident Evil 2 was released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on January 25 and has already proven to be a big hit for Capcom. In the UK, the game debuted at the top of the physical sales chart. The title also received almost universal praise from critics, including GameSpot; we rewarded him with a 9/10 in our Resident Evil 2 and called it "a terrifying experience like no other".

"Resident Evil 2 is not just a stellar remake of the original, but is also simply a game of strong horror that offers grotesque and anxiety-inducing situations, surpassing some of the best entries in the series," wrote critic Alessandro Fillari. "But most of all, the remake is a stunning game in that it goes all-in in the pure survival horror experience, relentlessly embracing its gruesome tone and rarely giving up until the end of the story."

If you're new to Resident Evil 2, be sure to check out our story before diving. We also set up a handy guide on how to clean up the 4th Survivor bonus game. The remake also makes it easier to unlock the secret Tofu Mode.

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