Get ready for the Super Blood Wolf Moon


Supermoon lunar eclipse over Sarnia 10:02 pm September 27, 2015 (Photo by by Dave Dentinger)

Astronomers will be presented with an incredible show in the sky this week.

On the night of January 20 and until the early morning hours of January 21, the moon will undergo a complete lunar eclipse, resulting in a Super Wolf Moon.

An eclipse happens when the Sun, the Earth and a full moon align perfectly and the moon falls in the shadow of the Earth. Sunlight is reflected on the surface of the moon, turning it into a radiant orange-orange color, known as "Blood Moon."

A Super Moon occurs when the moon approaches Earth and appears larger than normal. Wolf Moon is a name given to the full moon in January.

Unless there is heavy cloud cover, the eclipse should be fairly easy to see. Unlike solar eclipses, Backyard astronomer Gary Boyle said that this event is perfectly safe to see directly.

"Very safe to look at; It's beautiful to look at. It can be seen in the city, but if people can, they should go out into the country, "Boyle said. "It's a great time for a photo, it's nature on the move."

For celestial event will be visible at the following times in the Eastern timezone as of January 20:

Eclipse-Portal-threshold begins 10:34 a.m.

Total lunar eclipse begins 23:41

-Mid-eclipse 12:12

– Total time of lunar eclipse 12:43

Eclipse Threshold -Partial Ends 1:51


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