Gestures, PiP Mode system-wide and more


MIUI 10 is the latest software iteration of Xiaomi

Xiaomi's MIUI is one of the most hated and beloved operating systems on the market. Some users love customization control and look at it while others detest it by taking control of the operating system, diverting themselves from the product's Android look and completely changing the look and feel of Android. However, there are some MIUI features that you should know about.


MIUI Gestures 10
MIUI 10 Gestures are intuitive

Apple with the iPhone X has re-popularized the gestures that were first introduced on devices running the Palm OS and Blackberry OS 10 smartphones. Since then, smartphone makers are trying to integrate gestures into their smartphones. Xiaomi seems to have hit gold, as MIUI offers one of the easiest gesture navigations in the whole system.

Preload AI

The Xiaomi AI preload feature on MIUI 10 learns the use of your application and then preloads the applications that it believes it will use at the moment. This makes applications load a little faster and provide a better user experience. It also makes the smartphone feel much faster than it really is.

AI portrait mode

Xiaomi's AI Portrait Mode allows corporate smartphones, even those with a single camera on the back or front, to take incredible photos of the bokeh. The company was able to do this by studying and analyzing millions of photos and trained its software to detect the background and blur it.

System-wide PiP mode

MIUI offers a system-wide Picture-in-Picture mode for all videos played through any platform on your device. Unlike Google's PiP mode, it does not work in all applications where a user can access their hands. Google's PiP mode only works with devices running Android Oreo and above. The Xiaomi service works on all your smartphones without any restrictions.

Recent apps screen

MIUI 10 Recent Applications
Recent apps are optimized in MIUI 10

The recent apps screen in MIUI is based on a card with two cards shown in the width of the smartphone. This allows them to display a full-screen view of up to six applications on one screen, offering full screen utilization even in the recent applications menu.


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