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It’s not just Netflix The Queen’s Gambit a visual splendor in the wardrobe department, but it also has a fantastic soundtrack in its seven episodes. Based on Walter Tevis’ psychological thriller novel of the same name, the limited series takes us on a journey into the past with a predominantly 1960s groovy music selection. Yes, there is a lot of intense orchestral music while the chess prodigy Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor -Joy) defeats his involuntary opponents. But along with Carlos Rafael Rivera’s emotional track, we also heard the nervous sounds of the turbulent era during which Beth rose through the ranks as a United States champion. Just like Ryan Murphy Hollywood features a jukebox of 1940s classics, The Queen’s Gambit he enjoys rock and soul music two decades later. With iconic songs from The Monkees, The Kinks and Martha and the Vandellas, the soundtrack will get you excited. So, get ready to dance to radical sounds – we’ve put together The Queen’s Gambit soundtrack in one place for your pleasure!


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