For unknown reasons, the future found itself gravitating towards a fantasy article. However, in a way, he feels a bit like a hip-hop wizard, solidifying himself as a powerful presence in a world of players and soldiers. Few can deny its longevity, mystique, and ability to make melodic bangers; Although he has never been acclaimed as an elite lyricist, many believe that Future's pen game is discreetly enjoyable, with welcome doses of emotional resonance hidden within the illusionary haze. To make the transformation even more complete, the man recently painted his hair with a clear shade of "gray wizard". Today marks the arrival of the much awaited Future The WIZRD, his first solo studio offer since 2017 brought the set of Future AND HNDRXX

Choosing to keep this album relatively solitary, Future has solitary features from Gunna, Young Thug and Travis Scott. True fans will probably find solace in the decidedly future-oriented narrative, especially given their recent series of frank interviews. Of course, like so much of Future's recent output, the darkness surrounding their lifestyle remains a dominant theme, as well as the feelings of isolation and vulnerability that accompany it. Listeners are likely to find much to discuss if they dive beyond the surface. Although this is, however, the first day, and the initial reactions are bound to the limit; Despite being a fan favorite, Future proved to be a divisive figure in the past.

Where are you staying? Be sure to check out WIZRD Now, let us know which bands are immediate highlights. Or, if you feel like making a prediction, make sure you make a call with any deep cut you think the masses may fall asleep prematurely.