From Mikko Koskinen to Bakersfield, the next two months will reveal a lot about the Oilers – The Athletic


The deadline for trade passed with only a groan from Edmonton on Monday and with its passage brought clarity to the situation of the Oilers. The interim administration running hockey operations still has a lot of work between now and the end of the season, but at the NHL and AHL level, the players they will use will be (mostly) blocked.

However, everyone still has a job to do, starting with management and extending it down to the smallest AHL employee.

For Keith Gretzky and the rest of the hockey operations team, much of the focus from now through June will focus on the 2019 Draft.

The Oilers have almost a full range of choices, thanks to the third round the Icelanders received for Brandon Davidson, a choice that replaces the third round of Edmonton sent away by Alex Petrovic. Ideally, they would have picked up a few more choices on time, but the Oilers are likely to have first rounds first and second rounds and the usual tough decisions about …


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