Four months after the implementation of "buck a beer", only one brewery participates


TORONTO – Four months after Doug Ford fulfilled his campaign promise to bring back a beer, the only brewery that still offers the option seems to be one in the Toronto neighborhood of western Canada.

When Ford announced incentives for companies selling beer at $ 1 a bottle or could last in August, two breweries accepted the offer – Cool Brewery in Toronto and Barley Days Brewery in Picton, Ont.

Loblaws also offered their President's Choice beer for a dollar a bottle for a limited time.

But now the Ontario Liquor Control Board says that the Barley Days Brewery beer that was available for a dollar – plus the 10-cent deposit – raised its price to $ 1.65.

The Crown corporation responsible for alcohol sales in the province says that on Monday, Cool Lager was the only "beer buck" still available on its website.

The government offered companies that agreed to sell "cash for a beer" for a dollar in prime locations in LCBO stores and advertise in the store's magazine inserts.


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