Fortnite is getting swords – The Verge


The world of Fortnite continues to change. Just a few days after the 7th season introduced a number of new features, including airplanes, the developer Epic sparked the addition of swords to the Battle Royale game. Although we do not have real details about how they will work or when they will be available, swords must dramatically shake the world Fortnite, which is mainly built around the mechanics of shooting. Close melee matches would add a new dimension. (The weapon in the teaser video also bears a strong resemblance to the Infinite Blade series, which is also developed by Epic.)

When they arrive, swords will be part of one of the busiest periods in FortniteHistory With Season 7, the developer Epic has not only introduced a revamped island and features such as plans and zip lines, but also introduced a brand new so called creative mode that is very similar to Minecraft. In fact, a new section of the Fortnite The island was created specifically to display fan creations. In addition, Epic has just launched its own PC and Mac game store.


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