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FortisBC will return a flat rate to its residential electricity customers.

The BC Utilities Commission approved the request after more than one year of public review and feedback.

The move follows a service analysis and design fee application by the utility, which serves Kelowna and more of the Southern Okanagan.

The two tier system meant that customers who used more than 1,600 kilowatt hours of electricity for two months received a much higher rate.

The system was implemented in 2012 in an effort to increase conservation.

The flat rate return will result in a 30% reduction for high-usage customers, while it will likely mean billing increases for those using less than 1,600 kilowatt hours in two months.

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Castanet's evening update for Thursday, February 28th, with Wayne Moore.


Investigators are providing more details about an escape vehicle that a suspect used to run away from after attempting to break into a house in Lake Country.

Video surveillance of the U-Haul truck used in an attempt to break and the entry that occurred on Pretty Road was found by RCMP.

"The video seized by our investigators shows on the side of the truck a chart for the Province of Ontario commemorating the underground railroad," says Cpl. Meghan Foster.

"If a U-Haul truck with this specific chart is seen, we are asking that your whereabouts be reported to the police."

A man in the house suffered minor injuries after he confronted the suspect.

Police responded to block 11300 from Pretty Road and tried to find the suspect, but he fled on foot and jumped on a U-Haul escape vehicle that was waiting nearby.

He has not yet been found by the police.

Anyone who witnessed this incident is being asked to call RCMP immediately at 250-766-2288.

UPDATE: 3:40 p.m.

A resident of Lake Country confronted a man who attempted to break into his home on Thursday afternoon.

The RCMP responded to the 11300 block of Pretty Road around 12:40 p.m. for a report of an assault.

A man living at home reported that he was the victim of a break and came in and suffered minor injuries after confronting the man.

Police officers and the dog service unit immediately led area patrols to look for the man.

"The male suspect was described in his 20-foot tall, 5" tall, medium-sized, all dressed in black wearing an orange and yellow vest, "says Cpl. Meghan Foster.

The suspect fled the house on foot and jumped into a U-Haul escape vehicle that was waiting nearby. He was not found by the police.

The Forensic Identification Section was called to collect and process evidence at the residence that was invaded.

Anyone who has witnessed this incident is being asked to call RCMP immediately at 250-766-2288.


RCMP says schools in the area are not blocking and there is no risk to the surrounding area.

Davidson Road Elementary is the school closest to the incident, but the Cpl. Meghan Foster says there are no schools blocking.

UPDATE: 2:15 p.m.

Four unidentified patrolmen are at the scene of the reported assault on Lake Country.

Police are directing traffic away from the area and residents are being asked to avoid 11300 Pretty Road.


Police officers stormed a residential street in Lake Country on Thursday afternoon.

Residents near Pretty Road posted on social media saying they were forced to stay at home and keep the doors locked.

Cpl. Meghan Foster tells Castanet News that police responded to block 11300 from Pretty Road for a report of an attack.

"Members of the Kelowna RCMP front line are on site and are working to work out the details and determine what has happened," said Foster.

No more details are available at this time, but Castanet will update.


The conservative parliamentarian of the Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola Central has joined the list of those demanding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Dan Albas made the statement on Thursday, a day after former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould told the Justice Committee of the SNC-Lavalin case.

"The Canadians were shocked to hear the explosive testimony of former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould in the case of SNC-Lavalin," said Albas. "It is clear that there has been inappropriate – and potentially illegal – pressure brought by senior officials of Justin Trudeau's government, all in an attempt to leave a corporation tied to liberalism free of corruption charges."

During the hearing, Raybould said he experienced a "consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to attempt to interfere politically in the exercise of the discretion of the Public Prosecutor's Office in my role as Attorney General of Canada in an inadequate effort to secure a deferred prosecution agreement with SNC-Lavalin. "

Albas claims that his testimony tells the story of a prime minister who has lost the moral authority to rule.

"These actions of Mr. Trudeau send a dangerous message," said Albas – "that there is a set of rules for ordinary Canadians and one for the well-connected friends of the prime minister. law – and that is why we believe Mr. Trudeau should resign. "

Meanwhile, the prime minister says it will be up to the watchdog of the country's ethics to decide who is telling the truth in SNC-Lavalin's case – himself, or Wilson-Raybould.

Big White Ski Resort has hosted another major international event.

The 61st World Airlines World Ski Championship will be held next year at the resort, taking all of the world's airline staff to the second busiest ski hill in B.C.

The championships are run by the International Airlines Ski Federation, which will hold its 60 annual championships next week in Austria.

"The chance to have amazing snow conditions was one of the key points that made teams vote for Big White on resorts like Beaver Creek or Telluride," IASF president Stephan Halbe said in a statement. "We've been to Whistler and Banff for a long time, in 1977. Then we'll finally be back!"

Between 450 and 550 airline employees from various companies and around 30 countries compete annually in the WASC. There are events in alpine skiing (slalom and giant slalom), nordic skiing (sprint and long distance) and snowboarding (parallel giant slalom).

"We have a team of dedicated ski professionals who love to host the world and when we were offered to compete for the 2020 World Airlines Ski Championship, we were very excited to come up with a comprehensive offer," said Big White's senior vice president, Michael J. Ballingall said. "The fact that we have won means there will be a celebration that will continue after the games!"

Strides to End Homelessness is scheduled for this Saturday, snow or sun.

The family event offers 5 km of hiking or 10 km.

The goal of the walk is to raise $ 50,000 to continue its bed shelter, meals, social work, work at home, and the 12-bed transition home of our women's second home, Harmony House.

Volunteer manager Sonja Menyes says, "We provide genuine acceptance with customized programs to help vulnerable people find housing, income, family support, mental health services, spiritual guidance and basic care."

The Gospel Mission has helped people struggling to meet the basic needs of our community.
for more than 40 years.

Whenever a senior politician, current or former, passes the Okanagan, it's a big deal.

Former US presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton spoke in Penticton and Kelowna, respectively.

Numerous prime ministers also hit the valley, whether on campaign stops or in times of disaster.

On most occasions, members of the media could capture the moment or ask questions.

Nor will it be the case when former Prime Minister Stephen Harper goes to Kelowna to speak at a luncheon at the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce on March 12.

Lunch, which has been transferred to the Delta Grand ballroom to accommodate the many ticket requests, is an enclosed event, only for chamber members and guests – no media.

Harper is crossing the country, promoting his book, Right here, right now: politics and leadership in the age of rupture & # 39;

Caroline Miller, who is in charge of media relations for the chamber, says Harper has been speaking across the country since October. None of these events were open to the media.

Harper is expected to speak and ask questions on international issues. He will not be talking about national issues.

UPDATE 10:32

Time may have played a role in a collision on Highway 33, near Philpott Road.

The incident happened around 10 am and reports indicate that the vehicle left the road and hit a tree, stopping in the trench,

Engine 51 is on the scene and Engine 52 is taking care of traffic control in the area starting at 10:20 in the morning.

Ambulance BC attended the scene, but there is no word on injuries at this time.

ORIGINAL 6:00 a.m.

Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning to the Okanagan Central, including Kelowna.

Snowfall is expected for the afternoon, with a total of about 10 cm expected.

Snow periods will continue this morning as the bands move from the south. The snow will end this afternoon as the system moves to the east.

Be prepared to adjust your driving with the changing road conditions and check the Castanet cameras for the latest live footage.

More than two months after the Lake Country District approved its first marijuana retail store, the doors have not yet opened, and only 13 private stores have been approved throughout the province.

Only one marijuana retailer was opened in B.C. when marijuana was legalized by the federal government last October – a government-run Cannabis Store in Kamloops – and in the last four months, the province has licensed 13 more private retailers.

No cannabis shop was licensed in the Okanagan, despite a Starbuds location on Lake Country and the Green Gaia Cannabis Co. in Summerland, which received municipal approval in December.

Dave Martyn, president of Starbuds, says he is optimistic about opening doors in the Lake Country region after his location in Dawson Creek was licensed by the province on Wednesday.

"The site is physically built, it's ready for inspection," said Martyn of the Lake Country region. "If we pass the physical inspection, we would be less than a week from actually opening the deal, so it's really just the government having someone there.

"Fingers crossed Dawson Creek is the domino that helps open the Lake Country now that we are approved there."

Martyn hopes to sell marijuana at Lake Country in March.

The province says the cannabis licensing process is new, which has contributed to delays.

"It's a new process, so it takes some time for everyone to find out," said Liam Butler, BC. public affairs officer. "Maybe, once we've had more experience with these approvals, we may have a timeline, but it's still on the air now."

While Butler says the 13 approvals were made on a first-come, first-served basis, Martyn thinks that cannabis supply problems may have contributed to smaller stores being approved first.

"I read to him that it is supply problem, since they are licensing Castlegar and some cities that I could not even point at a map," Martyn said. "That's a sign that there's not much product out there, in our view."

The province received 445 applications for retail cannabis in various stages of completion.

In Kelowna, 15 stores are currently undergoing the municipal approval process, with the first expected to go to the council by mid-March, followed by public hearings in April.

"The wildcard is the provincial approval process, and I heard it was rather slow," said City of Kelowna planner Ryan Smith.

Ten cannabis retailers are currently being considered by the city council of Penticton.

Although there have been no provincial licenses for the stores in Okanagan, Indigenous Bloom has operated two stores in the Okanagan Indian Band, one on Westside Road and one north of Ellison Lake, for some time without a license.

The city of Kelowna outlined a timeline for the eventual closure of the Glenmore embankment.

In a comprehensive report compiling several other reports, utilities planning manager Rod MacLean told the council that the landfill of the region at its current pace will not have to be closed until 2108.

"Based on our level of service, our growth and how much junk people produce, 90 years is what we are seeing," MacLean said.

However, he would not rule out the possibilities that could be found to extend his life beyond 2108.

Just two years ago, the city passed a plan to make the landfill steeper and higher, nearly doubling its capacity and extending its life for about 25 years until 2090.

MacLean said the landfill currently has capacity for about 40 million cubic meters of waste. It takes about 170,000 tons per year.

The report proposes a phasing out of the landfill over the next few decades, which allows recovery of closing costs and revenue generation.

"Areas that reach the final contour of waste will be closed when the area is sufficient to ensure the construction of final coverage," the report said.

The first two phases would be completed by 2053, with the final phase in 2099. These would include closing the side slopes.

The total closure of the landfill is expected to cost more than $ 150 million over the next 90 years.

That includes $ 42 million over the next 10 years for protection against infiltration and contamination. Another US $ 115 million would be distributed over the last 80 years.

The plan must now be approved by the province.

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