Former doctor Vincent Nadon pleads guilty to allegations of sexual assault and voyeurism


Dr. Vincent Nadon leaves the Ottawa court in Ottawa, Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

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A former doctor who pleaded guilty to secretly filming patients during medical examinations and sexually assaulting them at a University of Ottawa clinic was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Vincent Nadon, who lives in Chelsea, received the sentence on Wednesday after the court heard emotional statements from nearly a dozen of his victims.

There were 49 victims throughout a 28-year period.

The allegations concern videos that Nadon surreptitiously made of 38 patients during medical examinations and sexual assaults in 21 patients.

Police recovered the videos from a hard drive from Nadon's house.

Victims who read statements spoke of feeling devastated and betrayed.

The Crown and the defense made a joint presentation for an eight-year sentence.

Nadon's actions represented a crude breach of trust, they agreed.

He accepted responsibility and his guilty plea spared the victims of the trauma of a trial, his defense lawyer said.

Nadon read a statement of apology in court, saying he was deeply sorry and would seek help.

It took more than 15 minutes for the judge to read all the charges.

Nadon was charged last January after a patient discovered that a cell phone, partially hidden in a closet, was taping her in the doctor's office during a visit to a Pap smear.

When the woman confronted Nadon, the doctor alleged that he was registering the examination for "training purposes," according to police reports.

Police arrested Nadon the following night in a parking lot at a Chelsea grocery store after police spotted him throwing garbage bags into a dumpster. Police seized a cell phone in a pink case and a severely damaged hard drive, then searched Nadon's home, vehicles, two trailers on his property and a storage locker in his clinic.

He was accused of sexual assault and voyeurism.

This triggered a broader investigation, with more patients reporting allegations of sexual assault. More accusations were made against Nadon in February and May.

Nadon, a tall white-haired man, did not look at the crowded courtroom on Wednesday, some of them victims there to read the statements about how they were affected by their crimes.

Nadon kept his head down.

Most of his victims were filmed during the exams. In most cases, her breasts were visible in the videos, which also showed the patients wearing and taking off their clothes. The statement also said Nadon sexually assaulted patients by touching her breasts or performing vaginal exams without gloves.

In several cases, he performed tests that were not medically necessary. In other cases, Nadon took patients' clothes to a spot in the examination room so the camera could capture her breasts.

The victims appeared before the judge, wiping away the tears and explaining how the breach of trust destroyed their lives.

Several described Nadon as an excellent physician. They said they could not believe it when police called to notify them about the videos recorded by Nadon during the exams. One woman said a video was taken from her when she was pregnant.

She said she was so frightened by the experience that she now finds it difficult to undress in front of her husband.

After the charges, the University of Ottawa Health Services removed Nadon from his post and banned him from practicing at his four clinics. The College of Physicians and Surgeons has suspended its license to practice medicine.

Nadon treated students, teachers and community members of the University of Ottawa Health Services for more than 25 years.

The university has a contract with the clinic, which is independently owned and operated.

Nadon initially received bail after his wife and brother placed $ 10,000 each as guarantors.

However, he was back in jail after fresh charges were made, and he had several appearances in court, with his defense lawyer asking for more time.



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