FOR. Isis Bride Caught: "I believe in Sharia, wherever Sharia is"


A woman from Toronto who was a member of a female auxiliary of the Islamic State and captured by US forces says she was unaware of the horrors committed by the cult of death.

Dura Ahmed, 28, was one of two Canadian women captured in eastern Syria. The other is a former Alberta graphic designer.

Regrets? She does not have any, according to CNN. Neither had Ahmed heard of the countless executions, murder, and enslavement of the Yezidis women.

"Briefly, I heard briefly about some executions taking place," Ahmed told the network.

As for the Yezidis, she remained impassive.

"When I got here, I heard. I did not see one, but … "she laughed. "Well, having slaves is part of Sharia [Islamic law]. I believe in Sharia, wherever Sharia is. We must follow whoever is implementing the path, the law. "

The good old days in Raqqa, where the Pringles were plentiful. GETTY IMAGES

Both Canadians have children and lived in the remains of what is left of the caliphate of the Islamic State.

According to France 24, another 46-year-old Canadian appeared at the camp on Friday claiming that ISIS was "doing good things."

Ahmed's husband arrived in Raqqa, Syria – the heart of the death cult – in 2012. She was at school, she told CNN, and waited two years to make the leap.

She knew nothing about the events unfolding there. And she loved it.

Ahmed called it an "easy life" filled with Pringles and Twix chocolate bars.

Both children were born under the ISIS iron boot.

The 34-year-old Albertan would not name his network. She said that as a "Muslim wife" she had to obey when her husband asked her to go to the war zone.

Husband was removed from the board by Allied forces. She remarried, with a Canadian and the lives of jihadists, he was also killed.

Global Affairs Canada told CBC News that it is aware that Canadian citizens are being "detained in Syria."

And Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale seemed less than enthusiastic about bringing terror travelers home.

Goodale said the ability to bring them home is "extremely limited" and he will not risk the safety of Canadians by bringing ISIS thugs back here.


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