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New Nano X Ledger Portfolio: Features, Release Date, Price (Updated) 101
Ledger Nano X. Ledger

ReasonThe popular cryptocurrency hardware portfolio is rolling out its next-generation hardware portfolio at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. (Full-text updates: pricing, application support, video)

The new hardware portfolio, called Ledger Nano X, will come with support for mobile devices, while replacing the old micro USB cable required to connect validation transactions with a Bluetooth wireless connection. Along with a mobile version of the Ledger Live application, this will turn the popular cooler wallet into something that can really be used in motion and possibly make it more convenient for real-world shopping with cryptomade.

The new mobile app will be available in late January. Fortunately, existing Ledger users who do not purchase the new device will still be able to use the application in read-only mode to check the balance of multiple crypto-coins, but they will not be able to send encryption to it because of the lack of a Bluetooth connection.

According to Mashable, who spoke to Ledger CEO Eric Larchevêque in December, the new wireless Bluetooth connection should not pose a safety risk to the user:

"The private keys do not leave the device, either connecting via Bluetooth or via USB cable. And even if someone can hack your Bluetooth connection, you'll still see which address you're sending coins to on the device's own screen, "he said.

See Ledger CEO Eric Larchevêque introducing the new device:

According to the company, the Ledger Nano X supports up to 100 applications installed simultaneously. It has ten times more storage space available for applications compared to the Nano S Ledger, although the number of applications that can be installed depends on the size of the applications.

In addition to a slightly larger screen, the overall design of the new design is very similar to the previous portfolio of the Ledger generation, which now sells for 59 euros ($ 67), or 40% less than in 2018.

In terms of price, the new Nano X will not be much more expensive than the initial price of the Nano S when it was first released. The device of 119 euros ($ 136) will be available in March 2019. The company is already accepting pre-orders.

In an interview with Cryptonews.com in 2018, Ledger CEO said that in 3 to 5 years, the revenue share of its portfolio business is estimated to fall to one-third from the current 95 percent. The company plans to extend security solutions to companies such as hedge funds and financial institutions to provide governance in the management of encryption assets. This and other steps, such as IOT (internet of things) -related solutions, will help diversify business and become more resilient to the volatility of the encryption market. The company says it has sold more than 1 million wallets.

Meanwhile, Marek Palatinus, the CEO of SatoshiLabs (and creator of Trezor hardware portfolio, Ledger's main competitor) said Cryptonews.com in December, the company is working on the Lightning Network and Liquid Support in Trezor.

"In addition, we are working to enable the use of SD cards with Trezor Model T to protect the passwords and encrypted files of our users. In addition, security innovations are coming to those who want more – separation of recovery seeds for security additional funds. " he added.


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