Fallout 76 – "Feed the people"


Bethesda Game Studios has released a huge patch for Fallout 76 on Windows PC today – console players will receive the update later this week – that fixes progression, softens base creation, adds new UI features, and of course fixes several bugs.

One of these bug fixes, however, is seriously disrupting players who liked what they thought was a generous search that benefited the entire server.

Here is the patch note in question, as of today Fallout 76 update:

Feed people: Fixed an issue where the mission to participate in the Feed the People event was granted to all players on the server instead of just the mission participants.

"Feed the People" is a repeatable, multi-stage event mission in which players need to collect ingredients and defend a series of food processing machines from attackers while their canned stew is being manufactured. To this day, part of the payout was that all 24-player servers Fallout 76 It has some free grub every time the event has been completed. Now, "Feeding people" is much less generous, and that change is not right with the altruistic gamblers, many of whom thought the mission was a good benefit for the whole community.

"[I] I did not realize this was a bug, I thought it was a fun thing from the community they added, "the Reddit user said in one of the top comments on today's post.

"What the hell ?!" I thought it was a resource, "responded ThisCocaineNinja user." It's called 'Feeding people', not 'Feeding three people'. Whenever I was near the airport and the event was there, I stopped what I was doing to help everyone on the server with that sweet 5% exp, plus in fact & # 39; players who may be starving. Fuck, I wanted more multiplayer events like that. I never thought it could be a mistake, it seemed such a clever idea for an event. "

For a game that draws headlines for the player's harmful behavior, "Feed the People" was a time of sharing and goodwill for players exploring post-nuclear West Virginia. And some of them want Bethesda to undo this particular fix, even if a server-wide reward of magic stew does not make much sense.

"It's a shame that it was actually a bug and it's fixed," said Reddit user Napciyunka. "We do this event every time he shows up with a friend to, you know, Feed the People. Because it felt good to have canned meat randomly pop when I was on a lower level, we were doing this to get through the good habit and help other locals out there. Of course, magically teleporting cans to other people is not immersive, but hey, it was a good thing to do, it made me feel better about myself knowing that some people can enjoy free food + 5% xp. "

Although bug fixes may not be good for the community, it at least worked Fallout 76 fans.

"Ohhhh," said the Reddit user, FILTHY_WHITE_MALE, "so that's why I keep getting canned food out of nowhere."


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