Fallout 76 continues to be the target of all jokes as players discover the operating room in the game with unlisted items and human NPCs


Fallout 76 dev room

Fallout 76 has been the target of almost every jokes imaginable since it was released in November of last year, and we can not help laughing. It has been a comically inept error after another, and now the players have found a way to gain access to a game room that houses unpublished items. and a real human NPC that is not dead. Amazing.

These types of rooms in the game are quite common, as developers often use them to test various features. The fact that someone was found on Bethesda's online RPG is no surprise, but it's still funny to think that, after all, there's really a human NPC in Fallout 76 – it's just relaxing where you usually can not see it.

It is stated that the plans for each item of the entire game can be found inside the room along with that – carry that unheard of material that is supposed to be added through future updates. You can not invent this.

We will not go into all the details here, so if you want more detailed information, be sure to check the Eurogamer article on the subject. Honestly, we're still laughing at ourselves.


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