Epic Games wants to convince you that exclusive are great for PC gaming


The launch of the Epic Games Store is good news for game developers who will earn more money per game sold on that service compared to Steam. It's also good news for Epic Games as the company can become even more powerful and influential in the PC gaming world. But is it good news for the players?

Players may not care about revenue sharing between developers and companies that own digital distribution services, but they know they already use and enjoy Steam, so that's where they'll probably continue to buy their games. Epic Games has to convince customers that they need to buy Epic Games Store games rather than Steam, and that can be a much bigger challenge than attracting developers.

That's why recent research has shown that while many developers do not believe Valve is gaining a 30 percent cut, they are likely to continue selling their games on Steam. That's where the players are, and they'll need more than a higher profit margin for developers and publishers if they want to feel good about changing services.

Free games are an incentive, of course. And the news that Exodus of the Subway The Epic Games Store may have shown us how the company, and some high-profile developers and publishers, take the competition against Valve seriously.

Lowest Prices! Biggest profits!

Subway Exodus will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the first year of its availability, and then return to Steam and other windows in 2020. It will also be sold for $ 49.99, which is $ 10 less than the original price on Steam. (Pre orders on Steam will be honored, at least.)

Even if the price difference is not disclosed directly in the press release, math makes sense to publisher Deep Silver.

A copy of a game sold for $ 59.99 causes the publisher to pay $ 41.99 if the publisher retains 70 percent of the revenue, which is the deal that Steam offers at launch. But the same publisher earns $ 43.99 if he's keeping 88 percent of the revenue from a $ 49.99 game. This is the power of the new revenue division: the customer receives a lower price while the publisher still makes larger profits, and the store owner who is able to deliver all of this gains a new way of making money from a volume company.

Players can get comfortable with Steam because of their familiarity with the service and its features, but the competitive price changes are math. What if the games they wanted to play – like Exodus of the Subway – all of a sudden, they were not just unique to a different store, but they also cost $ 10 less than they expected to pay?

People may complain about time-honored shop window exclusives and commentaries, but Epic and Deep Silver care if people decide to buy the game, and do not grumble at it.

Because both companies get what they want if you buy Exodus of the Subway in that first year: Deep Silver gets another sale with a higher profit margin, and Epic Games gets another player using the Epic Games Store. I would say that the player also wins, as long as they like the game. They saved a little money in exchange for the inconvenience of using a new service – that's the only thing that has changed.

Epic Games needs to convince players, not publishers

Getting players to understand the benefits of the Epic Games Store is important to Epic Games; Yesterday, CEO Tim Sweeney explained why the revenue division helps players as well as developers and publishers.

"Exodus of the Subway is incredible and is deservedly one of the most anticipated PC titles of 2019, "Sweeney said. "We are partnering with Deep Silver to launch Metro Exodus, backed by Epic's marketing support and a commitment to offer an 88% revenue breakdown, allowing game developers to reinvest in creating great games and improving economy of game stores for everyone. "

There is a lot of marketing talking there but the main idea is that buyers should be concerned about better revenue sharing because more money in the hands of publishers and developers can mean more money to make the games they like. And the line about improving the economy of gaming stores for "everyone" is a good way to draw attention to the lowest price. The improved economy in this case means more money for them and lower prices for you.

While neither party is Valve, of course.

So, what will Valve do? The company may try to take advantage of the large number of users and expect it not to miss many other unique Epic Games Store games – the company has already called Exodus of the Subway situation "unfair to Steam customers" – but this is not a winning strategy in the long run.

The biggest advantage of Steam is that it is a mature service and offers the features that players want and are accustomed to in a large PC gaming hub. This is one of the reasons why some customers seem to be actively hostile to the Epic Games store; suddenly they will not be able to buy games like Exodus of the Subway in service that offers the ease of use they expect, such as cloud reductions and achievements and the like – at least not at launch.

"Despite being almost a monopoly, Valve has not leveraged its position to restrict the market in its favor (even allowing third-party launchers like UPlay or enabling f2p games like Warframe and Thunder of War have their own pitchers), "wrote one player on Reddit. "They also standardized many features like automatic patches, rescuers, community features, anti-cheat, etc., which we take for granted until you see a showcase like Epic overthrow those."

The good news for the players is that everyone wants their business, and the battle for this business is structured in such a way that prices are falling, while profits – at least in some cases – may be rising. Epic Games has found a way to get players to take a closer look at the economy of the shop windows, and did so with exclusivity and lower price. This will not be the last time we see this approach, since platform wars continue in 2019.


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