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Electric Mustang has arrived and costs $ 50,495 in Canada

The Mach-E may not be the sports car of your dreams, but its attention to detail and practicality make it one of the most exciting electric vehicles in North America's dominant SUV market.

Unlike other notable electric vehicles, such as the PoleStar 2 and Porsche Taycan, which have tried to break speed records and offer a luxury experience, Ford has decided to focus on its first full-size mass-market electric vehicle. This strategy is similar to what Volkswagen is doing in Europe with its hatchback ID.3 and Tesla with Model Y.

This means that cr is a bit more expensive than a traditional gas vehicle, but offers a ton of cutting edge features to add value to its price.

Four years ago, Ford had dreamed of building an electric car to convince consumers that electrification is the future. Two years later, he formed Team Edison, a startup from the legacy automaker that was able to move quickly and innovate without the usual baggage that comes with a legacy automaker like Ford.

This bootstrap culture was something that Edison's team members couldn't emphasize enough. This is not your parents' Ford. This is a new version of the company charged with pushing the brand forward and providing a necessary jolt of electricity.

The Mach-E

While Ford says it needed to leverage Mustang's existing iconic brand to highlight the Mach-E, this car is not the sturdy, sports car you expect.

Yes, it shares a similar shark nose, three-bar rear, front headlights and a squat, sporty stance, but overall, the Mach-E is just a sporty SUV. Mustang branding may be helpful in getting people's attention, but it requires a critical comparison with the iconic muscle car.

For an SUV, the Mach-E looks great, and I can see its design as a great selling resource for many people. Personally, it also has an excellent height and a pleasant posture.

For the new Mustang, Ford pulled the wheels apart for a sportier look and extensive body shaping to give the car smooth lines and sharp turns. Even adjusted the car icon to better represent that this is an SUV.


The Mustang EV's extended range option has a maximum range of 475 km, which aligns it with other major EVs on the market. That said, the standard range can only travel 325 km under ideal conditions.

  • Select finish – RWD – 355km – version 2021
  • Select Finish – AWD – 325km – Version 2021
  • Premium Finish – RWD Standard Range – 355km – Late 2020
  • Premium Finish – AWD Standard Range – 325 km – Late 2020
  • Premium trim – RWD extended range – 475 km – late 2020
  • Premium Garrison – AWD Extended Range – 425 km – Late 2020
  • First Edition – AWD Extended Range – 425 km – Late 2020 / Limited Stock
  • California Route 1 – Long Range RWD – 475 km – early 2021
  • GT Performance Edition – AWD GT Extended Extension – 375km – Spring 2021

To top it off, drivers can use a variety of loading options.

  • 120 volts – 5 km range per hour
  • 240 volts – 35 km of ranger per hour
  • 48 amps – 50 km range per hour

You can also use fast chargers to make Mach-E even faster, but depending on the charger you are using it will take a varying amount of time. Ford says the fastest refueling should add about 75 km range every 10 minutes.

Notably, the 48-amp home charger must be purchased to order from your Ford dealer and installed by an electrician. You can finance this by buying the vehicle.

The company is also working on technology that lets you notify the car that you will be driving it soon through Ford's companion mobile app. Mach-E heats up the battery to be ready when you enter. Ford is also working on using this battery heating technology to help you get faster charging times.

Ford knows that people are concerned that EVs are not perfect for winter conditions, but the company says cold temperatures don't affect the battery as much as it is designed to work at less than 40 degrees. However, if you are using the cabin heater, this consumes a reasonable amount of battery charge.


The interior of the Mach-E is an area where the car stands out significantly. It has plenty of cargo space, a large glass roof, a wireless charger, and a giant 15.5-inch touch screen with a physical dial.

He also doesn't use real leather, making the interior 100% animal free. For CarPlay and Android Auto, you don't need cables, as the car has a wireless charger and supports the wireless form of both car operating options. If your passengers need to charge their devices, there are two USB-C ports and two USB-A alternatives.

Ford has partnered with Bang and Olufsen for the internal speakers. Along the front grille is a section wrapped in fabric that stretches from side to side. There are ten speakers built into this and other fabric-wrapped speakers on each door. I didn't hear that, but the amount of them gave me high hopes of getting out of the car stereo.

Like other electric vehicles, the Mach-E has a problem. Ford has coated the plastic with a piece of plastic and placed a drain for easy cleaning or you can use it as a refrigerator. There are up to two coasters for unauthorized use.

The touchscreen is in the center of both seats and is in portrait mode. It is also running the new version of the Ford Sync 4, so it looks modern to match the rest of the car. One of the coolest additions is a dial in the middle of the bottom third of the screen that gives users access to a physical volume control. Ford said this was super important to people when focus tested the Mach-E display.

The car automatically connects to the driver's phone. This lets you know who is driving and adjusts the infotainment experience accordingly. It uses machine learning and recommends that you travel frequently, your favorite songs and quick access to the most called contacts.

When I asked Ford what would happen if two people who had previously connected to the car's Bluetooth came in at the same time, they told me that the crossover is smart enough to know who is in the driver's seat.

Ford also mentioned that this car will receive more and more upgrades over its life cycle.

What is it like to drive?

Unfortunately, the automaker only let the press get into the new car instead of driving it. However, the experience was still exciting and more fun than I expected.

The instant torque of the car made the takeoff of a traffic light super fun, and when our driver drove the other media and me through a slalom, he felt solid and kept his impressive balance. There was a point where we took off from a light so quickly that I couldn't help but laugh with joy.

The car comes preloaded with three driving modes: "Whisper", "Engaged" and "Unbridled".

Whisper is the way Ford described as quiet comfort and has a non-aggressive pedal response.

Uncontrolled is the sophisticated steering mode that features more sporty steering and very aggressive pedal response by pushing it in and out. It also has a guttural sci-fi noise associated with it to bring back some of the fun of the driving experience.

Engagement stands between the two other modes. It also features a less intense version of the steering sound.

The automaker said it used examples of vehicles in Blade Runner, Batmobile and Formula E to help create car noise. It was so subtle I wish I could increase it for when I have fun with the car.

The car also features regenerative braking and two-pedal and one-pedal driving modes.

Driving is where Mach-E recovers some of Mustang's charm and fun. The GT performance model has 459HP and can do from 0 to 60 in about three seconds.

Ford is very fond of riding the Mach-E

The Mach-E will be launched in late 2020. This is Ford's biggest EV release to date and there is a lot of pressure for the Mach-E to work well as it ushers in the automaker's new wave of electric vehicles as a forthcoming one. F150 truck.

In my brief time looking and learning about Mach-E, I was impressed by Ford's commitment and enthusiasm to enter the electric space. The automaker not only modernized an older car as it did with the Focus. This time it is clear that the company is committed to creating a high level EV from the start.

The approximate costs of Mach-E in Canada are as follows:

  • Select – $ 50,495
  • Premium – $ 59,495
  • First Edition – $ 71,995
  • California Route – $ 64,495
  • GT Performance Edition – $ 82,995

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