Edmonton Oilers in San Jose Sharks (08/08/2019)


* farts out loud * Final Score: 7-2 Sharks

Remember the last time these two teams met about a week ago? Did you spend your time doing whatever it takes to suppress memory? Got it. The Sharks absolutely ridiculed the Oilers and out of the beautiful goals scored by Draisaitl and McDavid at the time of the trash, the only other positive point to make out of the night was when the last bell rang. Frankly, I would be a liar and a fake if I pretended that I was not completely nervous about how the trilogy this season would unfold. Based on how bad their last encounter was, I was not sure if I could sit on another cigarette, but then in front of him I was watching the wreck with my mouth open and a tear in my eyes. I honestly feel that someone stole something from me even if it was only a few hours of my time. I know that having a goal of "keeping myself respectable" is a very low bar to be defined at the NHL level, but I could not help but feel that I was a fair scorer at that moment and that apparently it's hard to beat.

If the Oilers really did win this thing, they needed to find a way to start well and keep up that momentum. They had to start the game with energy, take some chances, and if they were lucky, their hard work could be enough to gain an early lead. That should have been the plan. So I actually laughed out loud when the Sharks opened the scoring on their first play of the game with a ridiculous drift in a pass attempt that took a couple of Oilers out before entering the net. It was absurd. But when the Sharks added two more goals before the first period, things were not so funny anymore. Even when the Oilers managed to win a pair to get the game closer, it was never enough to turn the tide. Once again, the Sharks showed us what a playoff team is like, and to what extent the Oilers are far from disputing the division. The San Jose had a lot of depth and many players can score, and the Oilers did not get the defenses or the necessary goals to follow.

Unfortunately, as the team is being built, the Oilers do not have the depth needed to keep up with the top division or conference teams, and that's a sad state of affairs in the fourth year of Connor McDavid's career.

The wrap.

  • Alex Chiasson scored his first goal since returning from an injury by parking in front of the net and being ready for Connor to get the record for him. As expected, the captain gave Chiasson a perfect pass into the slot and the answer placed him perfectly in the lower corner.
  • MILAN LUCIC! FINALLY! The great man made his way to the 2-1 win with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and converted him perfectly. Nuge put Lucic on a tee and the big man buried him for his second goal of the season and first since the season opener. It's been a long time, big man. Here we expect the floodgates to open.
  • Personally, I think Nuge should be given two assists for finishing off Milan Lucic's goal drought, putting him on a tee with a touch nearby, but I could not find any form to fill out with the NHL. Regardless, a big shout goes to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins for playing his 500th game with the Oilers tonight and that's a wild number to see for the first overall first choice in the 2011 NHL Draft. For a guy who is only 25, Nuge saw more shit in his young career than most people. He has gone through coaches and teammates and rebuilds new reasons for hope, and we've never heard him complain about it.
  • Mikko Koskinen had to get into the game in relief to Cam Talbot and he did his best to calm the waters, but there was not much he could do – the train had already left the station. Difficult situation to enter and it ended the night with 16 saved and a 0.842% economy.
  • The Oilers finished in 1/3 in the power play and the goal they did score was a very nice display of the movement of the disc that led Chiasson to finish the game.
  • At least the Oilers led the hits? Oh wait, does that mean you do not have much disk? Shit.

  • Dummied on the 36-22 shot clock. Great. Great.
  • How do you have three goals against at one time in your own players? As? Sweet mercy.
  • Evander Kane put the Sharks on the board in their first shot of the night after Kane tried to get the center pass deflected from a pair of Oilers in front of Cam Talbot before sliding down his legs. Kane was not done there, however, as he managed another goal in the second period, while yet another pass centered sloping on the outside of his skateboard. Two goals without a single shot. Pinball Assistant.
  • Marcus Sorensen gave the Sharks a two-goal lead in a penalty shootout that knocked Cam Talbot down to the blocker's side. For me, it was a very weak bet against Petrovic, who gave Sorensen the PS considering the lie that Connor McDavid plays every night, but that's how things have been all year. Meh
  • Less than a minute after Chiasson put the Oilers back inside a goal, Joonas Donskoi reinstated Sharks' two-goal lead after he walked past Caleb Jones and reminded everyone that he is just a rookie. Free lesson on this for the young defender and an honorable mention to Russell for the starfish in the play. Donskoi scored another goal in the third period when he found a loose disc at the side of the net and entered the net.
  • What can you say about Brent Burns' goal besides being an absolute snipe? Burns fired this thing onto the net so fast that they actually just reviewed it to make sure she came in, and sometimes all you can do is tip your guy to a guy with a shot.
  • Alex Petrovic left the game in the second period after hitting the numbers in the corner. When Sportsnet showed a replay, you could say Petrovic was not doing well as he slowly returned to the bench. Unfortunately, this looks like a concussion and we will have to wait and see how long it will be out.
  • It was no surprise that Cam Talbot started tonight after eliminating the Ducks with a 39-save performance on Sunday night, less than 24 hours after entering a relief game by Mikko Koskinen. Dadbot won this game and I was curious to see how he would handle the challenge. The Sharks lit him seven goals the last time these teams met, and I hoped this kind of shit kick would inspire some revenge. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be how Cam Talbot got the hook in the middle of the second period after allowing four goals in 15 kicks. Some of the goals were certainly lucky, but that was not the beginning that Dadbot wanted to have.
  • It was a difficult night for Caleb Jones, but it was one of the only times he looked like a newbie. But even if he has made some mistakes, some even leading directly to goals against, there is no better way for him to learn than to go through these situations alone.
  • How about 40% in the coping circle? Just another kick in the shin, really.
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06:37 Sao Jose Evander Kane (15) ASST: Tomas Hertl (20) and Erik Karlsson (36) 0-1
12:57 Sao Jose PS – Marcus Sorensen (8) 0-2
14:35 Edmonton PPG – Alex Chiasson (17) ASST: Connor McDavid (39), Darnell's nurse (15) 1-2
15:24 Sao Jose Joonas Donskoi (12) ASST: Tim Heed (1), Barclay Goodrow (7) 1-3
06:32 Sao Jose Evander Kane (16) ASST: Brent Burns (41 years), Timo Meier (20) 1-4
10:18 Edmonton Milan Lucic (2) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (25), Jesse Puljujarvi (3) 2-4
15:37 Sao Jose PPG – Brent Burns (8) ASST: Erik Karlsson (37), Timo Meier (21) 2-5
1:04 Sao Jose Joe Thornton (8) ASST: Brenden Dillon (11) and Lukas Radil (4) 2-6
10:44 Sao Jose Joonas Donskoi (13) ASST: Evander Kane (17) and Erik Karlsson (38) 2-7

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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 08/08/2019 – 23:00 MST


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