Early Nova Scotia Lobster Fishing Season Postponed Due to Climate


HALIFAX – The lobster fishing season in southwestern Nova Scotia will begin late this year after authorities delayed the day the fishermen were scheduled to drop their traps – also known as "Dumping Day."

The season should begin on Monday, but Fisheries and Oceans spokeswoman Debbie Buott-Matheson says that, based on weather forecasts, the industrial associations representing the 33 and 34 lobster fishing areas decided that it would be very risk to proceed as planned.

Buott-Matheson says that when the wind is forecast to be above 26 knots in the water, the associations usually make the decision not to open on that day.

Instead, she says they will reevaluate on Monday to see when the season can begin.

The combined 33 and 34 lobster fishing areas make up the most lucrative lobster fishing in the Maritimes.

By 2016, the two fishing zones handled $ 494 million of the $ 1.3 billion generated by the entire Canadian lobster industry.


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