Dummy heads in the trash give Delta police a fright


A routine patrol in an alleyway in downtown Ladner, Boston, gave police a break Monday night.

"The cops do not get scared easily, but imagine that you're patrolling through a dark alley and your flashlight focuses on that," says a caption in a photo Delta Police tweeted.

The image shows several dummy heads coming out of a bin that is half open. One, with dark shaggy hair, hangs from the lid, next to a metal chain.

The police officer who saw the heads probably "had a second of" Oh my God, what I got here? ", Said police spokesman Cris Leykauf.

The officer quickly investigated and found several mannequin heads in the bin, she said, along with even more filling a garbage bag.

"It seems a little grizzly to sound like when you talk like that, does not it?" she asked with a laugh.

"He screamed?"

There are clothing stores and beauty salons nearby, she noted, so the police are not sure where the bosses came from.

Leykauf said he did not know exactly how the senior officer replied when he found the heads.

"I sent an email and asked his boss:" He shouted "What happened?" He never confessed any of it, so I have no idea, "she said.

In early January, a neighborhood in southern Edmonton was recorded for several hours after police discovered what appeared to be a body.

A media inquiry into the investigation led to this police response: "This is not a human body. It is believed to be some sort of dummy or doll."

Leykauf said Delta has not seen any homicides in the past two years, and if these mannequins are the most horrible thing they have year-round, they're doing just fine.


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