Drifter Season features a "Bungie controlled destination"


Bungie lifted the veil in the final round of Destiny 2 content in Season of the Drifter. As director Luke Smith said, the developers are "beginning to figure out what the script is for a Destiny controlled by Bungie." And, in fact, while this content is likely to be developing well before the split between Bungie and Activision, this will be the first full set of releases since the developer took over.

The season naturally focuses on the Drifter holder (aptly revealed as a former Dredgen) and brings new things through the various modes. The most notable additions are Gambit Prime – a more intense version of armor mode designed to help players fill specific roles – and Reckoning – a PvE mode set in the Plans of the Nine, which features some of the most intense fighting. Fate still saw.

The two will be released on March 5, and playing their first game of Gambit Prime will open Reckoning, which in turn will unlock new armor for Gambit Prime. More Reckoning layers and new maps for Gambit Prime will be unlocked in March. March 12 will also bring the beginning of the mission to unlock Thorn in Destiny 2.

Everyone – including base players – will also have access to a new seasonal event called The Revelry in April, as well as Arc Week that precedes it – although there are few details on what that will entail.

You can see what is appearing in the video above and see the complete script on the official website.

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Destiny 2 updates will continue under new management, and Bungie also gave another important detail about what to expect: the third update of the year, due to begin in June, should be titled Season of Opulence.

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