Dogs involved in the Calgary attack had a history of bad behavior, according to police


Two men were charged in connection with a dog attack that left a 60-year-old woman recovering from her injuries.

She was walking near the intersection at 88th Avenue and 52nd Street N.E. on January 27, when a large black dog approached.

While trying to escape, the woman fell and the dog attacked, police said in a statement.

Two more dogs joined the attack, leaving the woman with bites and lacerations.

History of bad behavior

Two of the dogs involved in the attack have a history of misbehavior, according to police Stephanie Plachta, leading to charges of criminal negligence against their owners.

"As there is a long history with two of the three dogs that are owned by the two separate owners, they were negligent in their duties as dog owners to ensure that there was adequate training and things in progress advancing to stop the bad behavior that had been going on and to prevent it from becoming, unfortunately, what it was, "she said.

Dogs have never attacked anyone before, but have shown aggressive behavior.

Several witnesses intervened, fighting the dogs with snowblowers and pulling the woman to safety.

The dogs fled, but were later seized by police and officials of the Calgary Community Standards. The woman was taken to the hospital, where she was treated and released.

Unidentified race

It is not clear what kind of dogs were involved in the attack.

"I will not discuss the breed because I think it has more to do with dog owners than with the breed," Plachta said.

After the police made a request for the witnesses to appear, the investigators declared a criminal negligence charge that resulted in personal injury to Satnam Dhaliwal, 31, and Dharmender Khosa, 26.

They are scheduled to appear in court on March 8.

The dogs are still in the custody of the Calgary Community Standards and are under review.

Police thanked members of the public for their help in the investigation.


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