Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE at the end of April


Wade Keller from Pro torch wrestling free reported that Dean Ambrose will be leaving the WWE when his contract expires at the end of April, according to three different sources.

Ambrose reportedly gave WWE this warning over the weekend. Dean met directly with Vince McMahon to break the news and this was after a new contract and raise was proposed to Dean weeks ago.

Ambrose was frustrated with the creative direction of his character and his imminent departure from the company reflects this rather than a matter of money. A colleague from Dean told Torch that "he is virtually impossible to read," in trying to gauge his behavior on the subject, but that Ambrose "hates jokes" and his character in the air has suffered much of it throughout his singles race. Ambrose is not interested in further trading with the company, according to the report.

Dean's announcement shines on the recent portrait of his character over the past two days as he was dismissively dismissed from the WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday by Aleister Black and then took the neat pinfall of his former brother Shield Seth Rollins last night on RAW. Top management and some of Ambrose's close friends in the company were aware of their brief exit over the weekend, but a good portion of the list was not aware of this during Rumble or RAW the night before.

O Torch He expects it to end soon after WrestleMania, but it may be sooner, depending on how they want to deal with Ambrose's writing outside of his product.

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