Crypto Ledger Nano X wallet adds Bluetooth for bitcoin mobile access


On Sunday, at CES, the crypto cartridge company Ledger unveiled its latest device – the Bluetooth-enabled Ledger Nano X. The device is more or less similar to the previous Nano S, offering more support for multiple wallets and coin types, but leaving the internal unchanged. But Bluetooth will allow X to connect to mobile devices through the new Ledger Live application, a new and powerful way to access hardware portfolios through your phone.

The hardware wallets allow you to hold the bitcoin locally without keeping them in return, a more flexible version of simply writing your key on a piece of paper. Devices typically require a PIN to unlock and support multiple physical devices attached to the same key, providing strong protection against theft or accidental loss. Ledger's previous hardware portfolio, the Nano S, was a favorite among many people in the community. Ledger CEO Eric Larchevêque said the Nano S will fall in price after the Nano X is released.

Adding Bluetooth can be controversial. Portfolios usually connect via USB, and any wireless feature increases the risk of unauthorized access. Still, PIN level protections on the hardware (and limited Bluetooth range) should mitigate the risk. Crucially, Ledger says that the Nano X is designed to respond only to devices running the corresponding Ledger application, which has its own security features to preserve authenticity.

The Nano X costs $ 119 and will be available for pre-order tomorrow, to be delivered in March. The corresponding app is expected to be released on January 28th on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Update 11:16 PM ET: Updated with price and shipping information.


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