Wednesday , June 16 2021

Critics shatter glass

This weekend at the movies, we have superheroes (Glass, Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy) and Super Saiyans (Dragon Ball Super: Broly). What are the critics saying?

In 2000, before the superhero movies were the last wave, director M. Night Shyamalan followed his success The sixth Sense with Unbreakablestarring Bruce Willis as a security guard who discovers that he possesses supernatural powers. He won a follower cult over the decade and a half, when Shyamalan's suspense Divided it turned out to be a sequel to the film. This week, we closed the trilogy with Glass, which reunites David Dunn of Willis with Unbreakable co-star Elijah Price of Samuel L. Jackson and Divided Kevin Wendell Crumb, star James McAvoy, while the three are caught in the same psychiatric hospital, facing a mysterious psychiatrist. Critics say that, despite some fun-loving flourishes, Glass can not capitalize on the inventiveness of its predecessors and succumb to Shyamalan's more lenient tendencies.

If you are an average goer, you may not have seen much marketing Dragon Ball Super: Brolybut be sure that the series it represents is popular with young audiences for decades, and who is a fan is probably aware of the existence of the film. This is, in fact, the 20th feature to come from the iconic Dragon sphere anime series, and focuses on encounters of Goku and Vegeta's protagonists in the series with another Saiyan like them, Broly, with tragic connections to his past. If you are a Dragon sphere fan who's waiting for the movie to be open, reviews will not mean much to you, but for what it's worth, most of them say it's full of breathtaking, beautifully lively action, and reintroduces a character that many fans feel was ill-treated in the past. If you are not familiar with the series, you are likely to get lost, but for those who accompanied it, this should be a pleasure.

What's New on TV

A discovery of witches intelligently bases his flights of fantasy with a lived authenticity and leverages the chemistry between his two cross-links to make a promising incursion into the occult.

[[[[Debuting Thursday 1/17 at Sundance now.]

Fyre it burns with agonizing tensions when a party in paradise goes awry, but this slippery documentary reserves its greatest horror for condemnatory remarks about the fallacy of opulence.

[[[[Streaming from Friday 1/18 on Netflix.]

With keen humor and a hypnotic and eccentric performance by Benedict Cumberbatch, Brexit energetically makes recent history with an unwavering stance.

[[[[Airing Saturday 1/19 on HBO.]

The PunisherThe second season leaves fans torn between undeniable action-packed fun and the portrait of the charismatic Frank Castle.

[[[[Streaming from Friday 1/18 on Netflix.]

Also opening this week in limited release

  • What is democracy? (2019) , A documentary that explores the roots of modern democracy, is at 100%.
  • Who will write our story (2019) A documentary about the group of writers who fought secretly against Nazi propaganda in Poland during World War II is 100%.
  • Do not come back from the moon (2019) , About a family in a remote California town dealing with the absence of the father, is at 100%.
  • Egg (2019) , About two couples and a surrogate who clash over the course of a night, is at 100%.
  • The heiresses (The Heiresses) (2019) About a woman who starts a taxi service for wealthy women when her husband is arrested for fraud, is at 95%.
  • All these little moments (2019) , A drama about a teenager trying to make sense of his life while his parents' marriage falls apart is at 91%.
  • Adult Life Skills (2019) About a woman who feels the pressure to "grow" as she approaches her 30th birthday is at 74%.
  • The standoff at Sparrow Creek (2019) On a former police officer who interrogates a local militia to find the perpetrator of a mass shootout is at 71%.
  • I hate children (2019) About a man who takes a trip to determine which of his ancient flames is the mother of his estranged son is 17%.
  • An acceptable loss (2019) A thriller about a woman risking her life to expose the truth about a political cover-up is 13%.

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