Cozy suburban home with sexual oasis & # 39; listed for US $ 750 thousand


It has three fireplaces, five bedrooms, a personal gym and, of course, a fully equipped sex dungeon.

The suburban home in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, has just entered the market with a starting price of $ 750,000, according to a Coldwell Banker listing.

The sexual dungeon, or, as the real estate company puts it, "a private adult sexual oasis," offers a fully functional sexual swing in the center of the room and a full star harness with whips and leather chains that are neatly tidied. hanging on the wall to reduce clutter.

The channel's real estate broker Melissa Leonard told that the "different" listing type is a new experience for her. But he said he willingly leaned into the history of the house and nicknamed the house: "50 Shades of Maple Glen."

"I said to myself," I think I'm going to make lemonade lemons now, "she laughed, adding that she's already had 20 serious inquiries to see the house this weekend alone.

"There are a lot of people I still have to go back to," she said, noting that she had to eliminate many calls. "But [the sexual oasis] put the house on the map.

The unorthodox listing became viral and received a lot of attention from the US media, including Vice and Buzzfeed.

According to Leonard, the owner lived there with his family for years until his wife passed away and he moved to Philadelphia.

She said the owner did not want to feel like she was hiding something and told him to be honest with everyone.

"He told me, 'I'm not going to change anything,'" she said. "You're going to have to sell it like that and work around it." So I felt I had to portray it the way it was.

The owner is so proud of the basement that when the house was listed on Airbnb, the post described the basement as an "underground adult room" with adjustable ambient lighting.

As for any potential buyer, Leonard wants them to know: "It's really a beautiful house – in a much sought-after neighborhood – that has everything going for it."

She pointed out that if people want to remove sex dungeon devices, this is absolutely possible.

But if "people want this way of life, then [the apparatuses] they are there and they can have it.


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