Couple who found themselves in front of the lobster tank marries in the Sobeys seafood hall


A couple who first closed their eyes in front of the lobster tank in Alberta Sobeys married in the store's seafood hall on December 10.

Travis Dutkiewicz is the meat manager of a Sobeys in Red Deer.

He said that on that day they met in March 2015, his now wife Tara brought his seven-year-old daughter, Anya, to the store. While her mother was in the hallway of the bakery, Anya was eyeing the lobster tank.

That's basically how it all started with us and it was in front of that lobster tank.– Travis Dutkiewicz

"When the kids come into the grocery store, it's very annoying, so I thought I'd give them something to think about for the rest of the day … so I grabbed a lobster and told Anya and that's how Tara and I met." he said.

When the two of them chose the wedding date – "I actually had a hair appointment that was scheduled for that morning … that's where December 10th came, if we could do that while my hair was beautiful," Tara said with a chuckle – The next step was to select a location, and Tara had the idea of ​​tying the knot where they met.

"I thought she was kidding, and I did not respond to her, and she answered back quickly saying," No, I'm serious, "Travis said.

"Every day she came in after dropping the kids off at school and she went in and shopped, that's how we got together, that's how we met, basically how it all started with us and was in front of the lobster tank."

Sobeys gave the happy couple an all-expenses-paid honeymoon to Banff or Canmore for their wedding gift. (Sobeys Gaetz South)

"It was kind of a complete circle for us," Tara said.

About 40-50 friends and family gathered at noon at the store, and the Dutkiewicz say buyers who came across the ceremony were very understanding.

"There were people walking," What's going on? ", Travis said. "Some of the strangers, they thought it was sweet, they thought it was kind of a different idea. There were no negative responses to that."

Instead of gifts, the couple asked the participants to buy Sobeys gift cards for the local food bank.

And the store surprised the newlyweds with a basket of goods and a honeymoon paid for the Rockies.

As for what the couple ate at the front desk, the lobster was not on the menu.

"We eat pizza," Travis said.


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