Cost to remove statue of John A. Macdonald from Victoria City Hall grows


Controversy continues in Victoria over the removal of a statue of Canada's first prime minister.

Last summer, it cost the town $ 30,000 to honor Sir John A. Macdonald, who was just outside the entrance to the City Hall, and now another $ 10,000 has been set aside to find a way to donate or transfer it. the

"I think it really signals to the public that we're serious about doing something with the statue this year," said Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps.

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"We put a small budget allocation next to the action item so there is some money as soon as the decision is made."

But it seems to be creating even more controversy.

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"There are many other things that could be used," said Tanya Anderson, a resident of Victoria.

"It seems a bit shameful, a waste too," added Tony Federici.

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To make matters worse, there is concern that $ 10,000 may not be enough to cover it.

"Realistically, it may cost a little more than that," said Coun. Geoff Young.

"It's a big, heavy statue, and there will be some public prosecution, so I think the amount might be a bit small."

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Everything will depend on the final decision. This time, the public will have a say.

When the statue was first removed in August, it was made under the direction of what is known as the "City Family," a group of First Nations representatives and city officials.

Given Macdonald's involvement in the creation of the residential school system, removal of the statue should be a step toward reconciliation. However, the lack of public consultation resulted only in public protests.

During the meeting on February 12, Coun. Ben Isitt suggested that the statue be donated to the province, but Young countered by saying any ideas need to be filed until the public grows.

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"The idea of ​​getting public information is that you get the public's opinion and make the decision. It is not you who makes the decision and receives input from the public to support it. We do not know what will happen to this. "

The Province responded on Wednesday.

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"I know the mayor, I know the council members and we will have a talk and take him from there and wait for them to deliberate," said NDP MLA Rob Fleming.

Wherever the statue ends, Helps said that lessons were learned.

"Disquieting colonization is disturbing. It's very challenging to deal with the fact that the city of Victoria is built on someone else's homeland. "

It is expected to take another year to complete the public consultation process and reach a final decision.

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