Cody Rhodes says he has refused weeks of WWE offers


Cody Rhodes left WWE to make a big name for himself in the Indies. He became a very important player after he sought his own fortunes and The Elite could be prepared for some great things in 2019.

While appearing at a Something to Wrestle show, Rhodes revealed that the chances of him returning to WWE appear to be very small. In fact, he claims to have declined an offer from WWE weeks ago.

Cody provoked the idea of ​​ALL IN 2 being an international event, as he said: "Hypothetically, it would necessarily be All In 2 or. . . All in International?

He then gave a huge hint that the upcoming ALL IN event could happen on Down Under in Australia: "There are two major territories outside the US in terms of wrestling, the UK and Australia. If you put a ring, they will come.

It seems we do not know what Cody will do next. He left some interesting clues. He does not seem to be coming back to WWE. If I were a betting man he has very safe plans if he wants to turn down WWE money.

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