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Cody Rhodes in Creative Control at AEW, Unionizing and the Future

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes sat down with ESPN's KC Joyner to discuss All Elite Wrestling and the future of the business. In the interview, it would open up about the company's creative process for the future, the revenue stream and the likelihood of having a union to help with payment and insurance for fighters.

Here are some highlights from the interview below, which can be read at this link:

Cody in learning his father's creative approach:

"My father [Dusty Rhodes] was executive producer on WCW and was the booker for Jim Crockett Promotions. I learned a lot from being your son. I will be honest – I do not like it when other people say it, but I can say it – I learned from the things he did right and I also learned from the things he did wrong, because he had to live with them for a good part of his career. A lot of this is in the criticism of the council, but I've seen it and feel that I know what to stay away from and know in which direction to go.

One thing we're trying to do here is let the guys get out and play their songs like they're going to play. If I invest in a talent like, say MJF [Maxwell Jacob Friedman] For example, it is not my job to micromanage you. My job is to put a focus on you. I've seen your skill set. We look at you. We recruit you. I'm just using it as an example. Someone like that, if you're paying to be at your show, let them go there and play their own music. Do not give them a new sheet of lyrics. Do not give them a new instrument. And that's the kind of fight I grew up in.

If we look at the heyday of WWF in the late 1980s and the kind of fight I love so much, these were adult men who knew the direction, they broke up, they got it a timeand they went and delivered what they delivered. It was not something that was micromanaged. Perhaps slightly consulted or massaged, but they were the stars, so why micro-management? We're not going to micromanage anyone. "

About Rhodes' thoughts on unionization to meet the needs of company fighters:

"We want to make this world better for fans of wrestling, making it a better world for wrestlers. So the first step you have is that price point and you take more care of your fighters. The more that happens, the more we can go on.

A union in pro wrestling – and that's what people say all the time, and they do not realize it – a union in pro wrestling would put professional wrestling out of business. But with that being said, we must be actively working on some kind of body, and that's outside of what I'm talking about with the AEW and As I in the executive role, but we must actively work to have the happiest talent you can have. Whether this begins as a talent feedback system, or a league of players, or some kind of body in which there is complete and transparent communication between those in the office and those in the locker room.

This is extremely important especially when you are traveling the world. I think taking those steps, even small steps, is great. "

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