Check out the alternative Joker costume


Nintendo has just released a lot of information from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but hidden on the official website are all the Joker's alternative outfits. Let's take a look, shall we?

The above alternate outfits may or may not be references to certain things – red combines the Arsene Persona of the Joker, the blue definitely shares shades with the Velvet Room, and the yellow may be the love of Chie Satonaka by Bruce Lee, for example. Feel free to shoot other theories in the comments! This next is a definite hit, however …

That's right, is to refer to the color scheme of the clothing of Akechi's Crow – the Joker even has brown hair!

Meanwhile, we have two alts for the school uniform. One is the standard the Joker uses in the game, while the other is a new, paler set.

Update 3.0.0 is ready to arrive with the Joker on April 17th!

Written by Tom Brown

Always excited to see something a little different, Tom is ready to report games of all shapes and sizes, be they marvelous or strange (or, better yet, both). Rest assured, if Nintendo announces Elite Beat Agents 2, it will be there.


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