Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Split? – Recap – Hollywood Life


Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra may be preparing for a breakup, as they have revealed plans to live apart during the Nov. 26 episode of "Teen Mom OG." Know all the details here!

During the episode on November 26 Teen Mother OG, Catelynn and Tyler revealed that they are pregnant – something she described as news that was "very unexpected." Meanwhile, Tyler had become very "frustrated" with the wedding and was visiting a therapist, so the timing of the merry news could not have come at a worse time. While in therapy, Tyler was told he needs "something to change in the relationship so you feel good about the relationship." So Tyler told Catelynn he wanted to try to live separately for a month. She said she was "devastated at first," but after starting her own therapy, she said, "I'm more comfortable with the idea."

When one of the producers asked Tyler and Catelynn how their therapy was going, Catelynn said that she is all about doing couples therapy after she completes her own individual things. And Catelynn said she was not jumping with joy at the idea of ​​living apart from Tyler – "I do not think any of us are" – because it "hurt." Especially knowing she would have to take care of her 3-year-old daughter alone during pregnancy. "It's a lot of stress," she said, to which Tyler said, "I get it." And he does – Tyler took care of Nova every time Catelynn went to rehab.

The split looks shocking – we'll admit it – but Tyler and Catelynn have high hopes that this will help their marriage in the long run. They even plan to go on dating nights and talk to each other regularly. And they have a lot to look forward to – during the same episode, Tyler and Catelynn figured out they're expecting a girl! And Nova seemed super excited about the idea of ​​becoming a big sister. So cute!

Meanwhile, Maci and Taylor I went looking for a house that they were interested in buying – one that they could grow old. And after making an offer, it was accepted quickly so it looks like they are moving very soon. As for Amber, she continued her boxing training this week, while Gary undergoing vasectomy. It seemed very painful, but he said it was something he wanted to do for Kristine, then she would never have to accidentally get pregnant again.

Finally, Cheyenne came face to face with CoryEx girlfriend Lauren after he invited her to a big party he was having. And while Cheyenne felt threatened at first, she ended the party with a smile on her face after Cory told her that he would always catch her about any other girl he was dating. He would never let a girlfriend leave Cheyenne of his life, as Zach tried to do with Cheyenne and Cory.


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