Cat accidentally sent to Montreal on a plot with N.S. family


After an accidental trip via courier service, a 17-hour trip and a 2,400-kilometer round-trip, the cat returned.

A Nova Scotia family reunited with their pet on Saturday night after the animal crawled into a box bound for Alberta more than a week ago.

Purolator employees discovered the cat in Montreal and called the local SPCA, who tracked down their owners.

Jacqueline Lake was looking for her family's one-year-old cat for four days when she received the call.

She and her family thought the cat might have escaped while the children were leaving for school. They put pamphlets and walked through the neighborhood knocking on the doors and looking at the sheds.

"I was really starting to lose hope that he would come back. He's a very docile kitten, but he's very curious and likes things," Lake said.

Volunteers took him home

Lake imagined the cat, Baloo, had crawled into a package that contained a tire rim an hour before it was dispatched. She thought it strange that one of the packages weighed 10 pounds more than the others, but dismissed as a possible problem with the hoops.

"He never made a sound, a single sound," she said.

Lake said he is "eternally grateful" to the SPCA and the volunteer network with the Freedom Drivers organization that conveyed Baloo back home.

"I did not have the money to travel to Montreal to get my cat back, but we got him, I did not have to pay anything, it was amazing they did it for us," Lake said.

Her daughter Victoria Lake was jumping up and down while waiting for her beloved cat.

"I told my mother," Why did you send my cat? ", She said. "He was probably asleep and escaped to get food. He hides a lot."

Baloo is safe and sound after volunteers took him from Montreal to Dartmouth, N.S. (Montreal SPCA)

Baloo, on the other hand, looked healthy. He ran straight to the other cat in the family and then onto the plate of food.

"I think he was a bit stressed, he's really a big baby," said Jacqueline Lake. "I can tell from the hoops that he needs his own shower." "He has a week of eating to do."

The Montreal-based Freedom Drivers usually transport animals to shelters in Ontario and Nova Scotia. One person took the cat and a puppy to Truro, N.S. Ryan Dixon and his mother took care of the last 90 kilometers of the journey.

"This was the first we met with the owner of the pet … I think they will have a good Christmas," he said.


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