Case of alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur moves to Ontario High Court


TORONTO (AP) – The case of a man accused of killing eight men with ties to Toronto's gay village should be tried today.

Bruce McArthur is expected to make his first appearance on the Ontario Superior Court on eight counts of first-degree murder.

Police arrested the 67-year-old freelance gardener last January, and last month McArthur was sentenced to stand trial after he relinquished his right to a preliminary hearing.

McArthur's lawyer told the court that McArthur admitted there was enough evidence in the case to go straight to trial, which brings the case to the Supreme Court.

Last week, several funerals of the alleged victims of McArthur occurred after Toronto police released the remains of the men to their families.

Police found the remains of seven men in large planters on a property where McArthur had worked. The remains of the eighth person were found in a ravine behind the same property in downtown Toronto.


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