Canadian Postal Union weighs options after approval of back-to-work legislation


Canada Post workers across the country are returning to work after the Senate passed legislation on Monday night to end five weeks of rotating strikes.

The courier service is expected to resume at noon Eastern Time on Tuesday, but the union's executive committee is currently meeting to decide whether or not to fight against the legislation.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), Megan Whitfield, Toronto's local president, told CityNews that the union has blocked tickets to the distribution facilities since 10 pm. on Monday.

The government considered it urgent to approve the project because of the economic impact of continuous mail interruptions during the busy Christmas holiday season.

More recent figures suggest that there are over 500 tractor-trailer loads being handled on vehicles parked at the Canada Post facility.

The union issued a statement declaring that it "is exploring all options to combat reworking legislation," saying that postal workers are discouraged and outraged.

Negotiations have been underway for almost a year, but the dispute has intensified more recently when CUPW members launched rotating strikes on Oct. 22.

These shutdowns led to delays in delivery of mail and parcels at Crown's major screening plants in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.


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