Canadian deputy Grewal gives up fighting against gambling addiction in Chandigarh | Chandigarh


Rajvinder Grewal left MP Liberal of Brampton East as he is struggling with a personal gambling addiction.

In a Facebook post addressed to his constituency on Saturday, the 33-year-old Ludhiana-born leader, better known as Raj Grewal, said, "Like many Canadians who suffer from addiction problems, I recognize that I have a problem. My focus now is entirely on my mental health and spending time with my family while I recover. "

"For my family, friends and supporters, I'm sorry to have disappointed you. You all dedicated so much time, energy and love to me. To my constituents and colleagues, you put your faith in me to serve. I like my work, every minute of it. But recently, I knew that I could no longer serve my constituents as best I could because of my personal problem. That's why I decided to take some time to take care of my health, "he wrote, asking for privacy.

A statement released by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office also clarified that Grewal was reluctant to seek treatment for gambling that "caused him to incur significant personal debt."

Trudeau supported Grewal's decision and tweeted, "Yesterday (Thursday), I learned that Raj Grewal is facing serious personal challenges, and today he announced that he is leaving the post of Member of Parliament for Brampton East. Although it may have been a difficult decision, it was the right decision. I hope he gets the support he needs.


The measure comes as a setback to the Punjabi diaspora in the Canadian province of Ontario and to the Trudeau team since Grewal, who comes from the Sarabha village in Ludhiana, had already been renamed the Liberal Party as a candidate for the 2019 federal elections. Trudeau will need now ask for a bypoll before this due to the time of the resignation.

Grewal, who took office in the House of Commons in Canada on October 19, 2015, made his first announcement through a Facebook post Thursday, citing "personal and medical" reasons. At the same time, he said he was hopeful of being able to represent his constituency again.

First published: November 25, 2018 1:49 PM IST


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