Canada is home to "Mars on Earth" and now you can explore it like never before


Your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut are about to come true, and you do not even have to leave the country … in fact, you do not even need to get off the couch.

Canada is home to an island known as "Mars on Earth," and a new Google Street View project will allow people to explore this land using only their smart device.

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The largest uninhabited island on Earth, Devon Island in Baffin Bay, Qikiqtaaluk region, Nunavut, was nicknamed "Mars on Earth" because of its resemblance to the red planet in terms of polar climate and treacherous terrain, making it unfeasible .

mars on earth

Desolate Devon Island. (Google)

A recent expedition, made possible by the Mars Institute, captured never-before-seen images of the desolate island using Virtual Reality and the new Pixel 3s to film a documentary.

Through this new Street View, users will be able to explore the areas of greatest interest for NASA research and exploration on Devon Island, including the Haughton Crater, a 20-kilometer diameter impact crater; Astronaut Canyon, similar to many of the sinuous V-shaped valleys on Mars; and the ancient lake beds of Breccia Hills.

The project provides insight into how humans will explore the planet Mars from the supplies needed for difficult conditions.

mars on earth

ATVs on Devon Island. (Google)


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